Hope Medical Transport

For all your transportation
needs, there is always Hope

Preferred transportation provider for Fresno Community
Hospital, Clovis Community Hospital, Fresno Heart
Hospital, Saint Agnes Hospital, Saint Agnes Cancer
Center, Veteran’s Hospital, and Kaiser Hospital.

Our Services

Hope Medical provides services 24/7 in our state-of-the art ambulances fully equipped with on board oxygen.
We transport patients to doctor and physical therapy appointments, hospital discharges, outpatient surgery, or for total hip or knee replacements, dialysis, cancer and radiation treatments.
We offer two-man gurney crews and wheelchair transports that are fully ADA compliant using “Q Straints” restraint systems for every patient’s safety.
We are fully insured to help protect doctors, hospitals, patients and our employees.
This is known as “bed to bed“ coverage – not “curb to curb” as some transport companies offer. Please beware of companies who claim to do gurney transport but in fact are using a single person “geri-chair”( a reclining wheelchair) which is not a gurney. Doctors request a gurney for specific medical reasons. There is no such thing as a one-man gurney transport. This is a totally unsafe practice. We at Hope Medical use at least a 2 person gurney team for all gurney transports.