Hope Medical Transport


Hope Medical uses the latest state of art equipment in our Leader ambulances including Stryker gurneys, gurney hardware systems to secure the gurney on board during transport, and on board oxygen. 
Hope medical uses the dependable Ford E350 vans with commercial side lift gates. We use the side gate system to protect patients from street traffic as our patients are transferred from our vans right onto the sidewalk. Other companies use a rear lift gate system which could expose the patient to unnecessary safety hazards. Our vans are equipped with ADA compliant “Q-straints” wheelchair restraint systems which secure the wheelchair in the van during a transport.
All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning for the patient’s convenience. 
All drivers have basic first aid training and safe driving records. Several of our drivers are licensed EMTs.
Hope Medical maintains a commercial general liability policy with “Bed to Bed ” coverage. As it states, this policy covers the patients from bed to bed not from curb to curb or facility to home. 
Be careful as several competitors do not carry this comprehensive type of insurance. You have the right to ask to see their insurance certificates before they transport your loved ones. 
Hope Medical is a company that strives to set itself apart from the competition by putting the patient- your loved ones first.